Yes you are born with the seed of greatness in you.You are powerful in contributing to the forces that affect the entire human race. Your life can impact generations in words action or in deed. Only yeild yourself to true love like a bright like that lights up the darkness… #Arise and shine.


The sacred powers of procreation are to be employed only between man and woman, lawfully wedded as husband  and wife.physical intimacy between husband and wife is sacred. It is ordained of God for the creation of children .God has commanded that sexual intimacy be reserved for marriage.

When you are sexually pure, you prepare yourself to make and keep sacred covenants in the temple. You prepare yourself to build a strong marriage and to bring children into the world as part of an eternal and loving family. You protect yourself from the spiritual and emotional damage that come from sharing sexual intimacy outside of marriage. You also protect yourself from harmful diseases. Remaining sexually pure helps you to be confident and truly happy and improves your ability to make good decisions now and in the future.
The Lord’s standard regarding sexual purity is clear and unchanging. Do not have any sexual relations before marriage, and be completely faithful to your spouse after marriage. Do not allow the media, your peers, or others to persuade you that sexual intimacy before marriage is acceptable. It is not. In God’s sight, sexual sins are extremely serious. They defile the sacred power God has given us to create life.

Let it go

  1. Five years ago,I ran into a man whom i gave everything that meant somemuch to me. He condemn me in everything I could be . He said i was ugly,a witch,jealous, cunning,masculine, weak” You will suffer and demons will deal with you”  lately he said he has the power to drag me to hell.Those words made a mark on my heart like a hole.I filled the holes with empty happiness but the holes were already deeper. Even though i didnot understand the aunthencity  of his words, hearing them made them alive in me.they  gave me a false self that  i carried around without help.I taught it was true but when another man came i bowed before him this time I had no gold nor any ttreasure to bestow to him. yet He told me that I am beautiful and fearfully and wonderfully made. That I am here to inspire others and empower others. I cried on my kneels then I bounce my mortal self to the earth and  those words that used to hold  me bound fell off into the earth and died. A new me began to grow in his grace I soaked myself every day in his presence.His ambience was graceful and glorious .It dropped on me like morning dews.    One day i took a look at myself in the mirror. I saw my true self how graceful it beamed  …it  glows .shining more than the stars…

Absolute dependence

Absolute dependence on God in your journey in life will put you on the right path. Your path is already destined for you to achieve your is where you operate with grace and ease. When you absolutely depend on God ,he will shine his marvellous light on your path. He will grant you strenght,power ,wisdom ,beauty,joy creativity,ideas and peace.for he has set a great help  ahead of you. # God is my soruce . I will always depend on him.

Give thanks

​​Thanksgiving is a powerful tool in our spiritual life. It opens the door of abundance.always find time to thank God in all and for all things.dont forget to appreciate people who he set in places to help.go ahead and say thanks to your friends,parents and everyone around you
…# give thanks


​Purpose is not a wishful thinking or some mental picture. Purpose is the reason you were born.You are here to fulfil a specific purpose. A discovery of your purpose is the discovery of your significance in life because your relevance in life is tied to your purpose. Purpose speaks of what you are sent to contribute here on earth. You are here not only to consume but to produce,inspire and empower others.your purpose in life unfolds as you grow.God gets you doing something at a particular phase while he works on you after which he launches you into full capacity for your purpose. To really discover your purpose you must discover your creator to guide you and direct you. Your purpose must go through three major phases.if you must make maximum impact….to be continued Ama Abraham​