Let it go

  1. Five years ago,I ran into a man whom i gave everything that meant somemuch to me. He condemn me in everything I could be . He said i was ugly,a witch,jealous, cunning,masculine, weak” You will suffer and demons will deal with you”  lately he said he has the power to drag me to hell.Those words made a mark on my heart like a hole.I filled the holes with empty happiness but the holes were already deeper. Even though i didnot understand the aunthencity  of his words, hearing them made them alive in me.they  gave me a false self that  i carried around without help.I taught it was true but when another man came i bowed before him this time I had no gold nor any ttreasure to bestow to him. yet He told me that I am beautiful and fearfully and wonderfully made. That I am here to inspire others and empower others. I cried on my kneels then I bounce my mortal self to the earth and  those words that used to hold  me bound fell off into the earth and died. A new me began to grow in his grace I soaked myself every day in his presence.His ambience was graceful and glorious .It dropped on me like morning dews.    One day i took a look at myself in the mirror. I saw my true self how graceful it beamed  …it  glows .shining more than the stars…

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